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IPs that Stand the Test of Time

In our quest to establish future hit series for Cygames, we have published a vast array of comics, from adventures to romances. The Cycomics app also serves as a platform for these titles, and our team is dedicated to helping that platform flourish and grow.

Developing New IPs

Following the release of Cycomics in May 2016,
we have reintroduced many of our gaming titles to the world as comics. In order to further develop these and other Cycomics-original IPs, the app was later revamped in November 2018.

Since then, Cycomics has grown to boast a variety of genres, from action-packed martial arts adventures to mature romantic dramas. Some of these titles have been picked up for anime and live-action adaptations, allowing even more people to enjoy our works.

An Office Catered to Creators

Our office has many features that are meant to create an environment conducive to creating the best in entertainment. These range from an extensive library of comics to a dedicated drafting room where artists can meet with their editors and draft their comics in the same space. By doing so, we hope to create an environment that promotes communication and, in turn, creates even better content.

An Always-Changing Platform

In addition to its extensive library, the Cycomics app itself has also grown over the years. In the beginning, it simply functioned as a comic viewer, but since its renewal, the app functions as an internet media source as well, featuring a variety of content such as comic news and columns from our editors.

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