Our Business Licensing and Merchandising

Creating Beloved IPs

Cygames also manages the secondary use of characters, illustrations, music, and other content via merchandise development. This lets us offer fans another way to discover and deepen their love for the worlds and characters we create.

Sharing the Worlds
We Create

The Licensing and Merchandising division oversees the creation and distribution of character figurines, accessories, books, food items, and other merchandise via authorized corporate and individual entities. They also handle collaboration projects and e-commerce site management. Through products like this, we hope people will feel a stronger connection to the worlds of our IPs.

*Includes some licensee products.

Granting Players' Wishes

Providing players with goods and services they desire is one of Cygames' top priorities. While creating merchandise and promotions domestically in Japan, we also work with overseas corporations to spread these goods and services to even more places around the worlds.

Our Business