CSR at Cygames

Cygames believes that our responsibilities do not stop at game planning, development, and operations. As part of the entertainment industry, it is our duty to use the knowledge we have accumulated to bring joy, fulfill dreams, and serve society as a whole. As such, we partake in a number of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities.

Sports Partnerships

Through sports, we aim to contribute to society by cultivating joy and instilling dreams in people all over the world.

Fostering the Next Generation

To encourage the growth of the next generation of IT talent, Cygames creates opportunities for children to learn more about programming, provides scholarships to students aspiring to work in the video game industry, and holds contests aimed at upcoming designers.

Encouraging Innovation

In order to spur further innovations within the gaming industry, Cygames regularly shares our wealth of technological knowledge by hosting and participating in conferences.

Encouraging Rural

Cygames is actively working to support the development of rural regions in Japan.

Research Aid

In order to bring about a better tomorrow, Cygames also offers aid for research projects.