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The Spread of Esports Culture

Cygames has two divisions devoted to Esports. The first is responsible for planning large Esports tournaments and pro tours, and the second works with other organizations as support for their own Esports events. With these two teams, we hope to actively encourage the Esports community's growth.

Expanding into the Competitive Scene & Giving New Careers to Pros

Cygames plans and hosts a number of Esports tournaments, including the Shadowverse World Grand Prix and the GBVS Cygames Cup. In addition to events, in 2021, Cygames established a new program designed to provide career support to retired Esports athletes of Cygames titles.

Cygames titles have also been used in tournaments outside our own, such as RAGE, Japan's premier Esports event, and the international fighting game tournament Evo. We also plan and host our own tournaments for the physical card game Shadowverse: Evolve in collaboration with the franchise's distributor, thereby further expanding into the competitive gaming scene.

Building a Community from the Ground Up

Our Esports efforts are not confined to high-profile events. In order for players of all ages and regions to enjoy our titles, Cygames also offers event support to other tournaments and offline events being held by third parties. We understand that the spread of Esports culture is not limited to larger events and hope that by supporting local groups, Esports culture will continue to grow.

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