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Official Name:
Cygames, Inc.
Shibuya Garden Tower 15F,
16-17 Nanpeidai-cho, Shibuya-ku,
Tokyo 150-0036
May 2011
JPY 124,800,000
Mobile Games, Console Games,
Comics, Animation,
Licensing and Merchandising,
Esports, Research,
Investment and Support
Koichi Watanabe
Board Members:
Yuito Kimura, Executive Director
Eitoshi Ashihara, Director
Aisaku Chikaishi, Director
Kazunori Takegoshi, Director
Yusuke Hidaka, Director
Yu Sasaki, Director
Toshiyuki Mitsuma, Executive Officer
Yasunori Oura, Executive Officer
Katsuya Nakamura, Executive Officer
Tsubasa Matsuoka, Executive Officer
Ryuichiro Baba, Executive Officer

Subsidiaries and Affiliates

  • CyberAgent, Inc.
    • Media Business
    • Internet Advertising Business
    • Game Business
    • Investment Development Business
  • CyDesignation, Inc.
    • Design and Illustration
    • Game Planning and Development
  • BlazeGames, Inc.
    • Game Planning, Development, and Operation
  • WithEntertainment, Inc.
    • Game Planning, Development, and Operation
  • Citail, Inc.
    • Game Planning, Development, and Operation
  • CygamesPictures, Inc.
    • Animation Development
  • Kusanagi, Inc.
    • Fine Art Images for Animation
    • Illustration
    • Animation, Music, Video, and Game Software Planning, Production, and Sales
    • Internet Media Information Services
    • Product Planning and Sales of Company IPs
  • LogicLinks, Inc.
    • MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator that Uses Sim Cards)
    • Smartphone and Mobile Router Sales
    • Game Data Analysis, Development Support
  • Cysharp, Inc.
    • Game Planning, Development, and Consulting
  • SCOOP MUSIC Corporation
    • Music Entertainment Planning, Production, Promotion, and Direction
    • Musician and Talent Management
    • Music Licensing and Merchandising
  • CyFoods, Inc.
    • Restaurant Management
    • Food, Beverages, and Related Product Sales
  • CySphere, Inc.
    • 3DCG for Games and Animation
  • flaggs, Inc.
    • Smartphone Game Planning, Development, and Operation
    • Game Animation and Audio Production
  • Cygames Capital, Inc.
    • Venture Capital

Professional Associations

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