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The Best in Entertainment

Our vision is to be the best in entertainment, and all of our staff are dedicated to delivering the highest-quality content that is both interesting and exciting to our users. In addition to games, Cygames also produces a wide range of content for entertainment, including anime and manga.


Mission Statement

  • Game Together
    Cygames is serious about gaming. We believe that in order to create groundbreaking games, we have to play groundbreaking games. Don’t be surprised if someone hands you a gamepad in your time here. It's all part of the Cygames experience.
  • Think Together
    Being the best in entertainment isn't something that one person can achieve on their own. Great entertainment is a team effort, and here at Cygames, we take pride in our teams and their drive to create the best experiences for our players.
  • Make Together
    We create incredible gaming experiences. Our members see every graphic and every line of code as a chance to shine.

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