Our Business Cygames Research

Empowering Games with Science

Following our belief that games can be empowered with science, our in-house research institute was founded to create fundamental technologies applicable to a wide range of entertainment.

Gathering Professionals the World Over

Our research team is made up of numerous professionals from all over the world, from game developers to researchers with doctorate degrees and current college professors. While researching and presenting their research on AI and virtualization, this team also actively works with research institutions all over the world to develop and implement the newest technological innovations.

The Cutting Edge of
Digital Entertainment

Examples of this institute's work include the deck code function on the Shadowverse deck-building site, Shadowverse Portal, and the automatic debug system used by Cygames in the development of numerous content. With the goal of building a foundation of knowledge and technology needed to make Cygames a leading force in the digital entertainment industry, this team works with other researchers worldwide to create and implement cutting-edge ideas.

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