Encouraging Rural Revitalization

Cygames is actively working to support the development of rural
regions in Japan.

Saga Prefecture

Located in the heart of Saga Prefecture, Cygames Saga Debug Center and Cygames Saga Studio go beyond the world of games to bring smiles to the locals by sponsoring events like the Saga International Balloon Festival and fireworks displays at Imari Bay.

In 2017, Cygames made use of a corporate version of the hometown tax to donate to the city of Tosu for the renovation of its stadium, and made use of it again in 2022 to support a revitalization project by the Saga Sports Pyramid (SSP) Initiative. The symbol of the city of Tosu is its stadium, and by restoring it, Tosu hopes to inspire a sense of hometown pride through sports in its citizens, as well as attract people from out of town for soccer matches, thereby boosting the local economy.

Cygames hopes to continue to promote job creation and revitalize rural areas in the years to come.