Fostering the Next Generation

To encourage the growth of the next generation of IT talent, Cygames creates opportunities for children to learn more about programming, provides scholarships to students aspiring to work in the video game industry, and holds contests aimed at upcoming designers.

Game Creator Scholarships

In order to help aspiring creators wanting to enter the video game and entertainment industries, Cygames provides scholarship opportunities to first and second-year university students. In addition to monthly scholarships, Cygames also supports students by providing company tours and internship opportunities.

Cygames Creative Contest

Cygames holds this contest to help promote the growth of the next generation of designers, accepting various game-related submissions ranging from illustrations, 3DCG, advertisements, animation, costumes, and more.

Programming Workshops

Cygames works with local governments to provide even more chances for children to get involved in programming. One such endeavor is Tech Kids CAMP, a regularly held event in the city of Matsudo, Chiba Prefecture. We also cosponsor and offer workshops at events like Tech Kids Grand Prix and robot-building contests for grade schoolers.

Programming Café

Cygames has partnered with Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture to set up a space where elementary, middle, and high school students can study programming for free.

Contest and Event Sponsorships

In order to help students achieve their goals in the tech field, Cygames sponsors a number of contests and events. These include the Tech Kids Grand Prix, Teens Apps Awards, the Chiba Coder Cup, 01 Grand Slam, robot-building contests for grade schoolers, and many more.

PC Donations to Educational and Volunteer Organizations

In 2018, as part of an endeavor to provide a space for students to learn about programming, Cygames partnered with CoderDojo Japan, an organization that encourages children to engage with programming. Through this partnership, Cygames provided computers for 160 CoderDojo locations across Japan. In 2019, Cygames also donated computers to the National Institute of Technology, Ariake College in Fukuoka Prefecture and the National Institute of Technology, Sasebo College in Nagasaki Prefecture.
Cygames also provides technical support and maintenance for the computers and tablets for a youth center in Matsudo City as another way to help foster creativity and interest in programming in the next generation.