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Bringing the Best
in Entertainment
to the World

At Cygames, we are committed to bringing the best in entertainment to the world stage through global development of our IPs. We do this not only through the translation and localization of our titles, but also by planning tournaments and fostering communities for our properties all over the globe. Through these activities, we hope to create content that transcends borders and cultures.

The World Stage

Following the release of Shadowverse, a game created as a global Esports title, we established an in-house team in 2017 to handle international expansion of our IPs. That same year, our first overseas branch was founded in South Korea, and a Taiwan branch followed in 2018. Through our work within Japan and outside its borders, Cygames is dedicated to delivering our titles to players all around the world.

Working in Harmony with International Cultures

We seek to promote our works overseas in a way that respects the culture and market of each region, and to do so, we consult our overseas branches as well as local publishers when translating and promoting our works. At Cygames, we understand the importance of diversity, especially in the creative field.

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