Research Aid

In order to bring about a better tomorrow, Cygames also offers aid for research projects.

Donations to the Development of Medicine for Cats

Cygames has supported and donated to the Institute for AIM Medicine, whose research seeks to provide cats with longer lifespans through the development of AIM.*

*AIM (Apoptosis Inhibitor Macrophage)

AIM refers to a protein found in the blood of animals.
This protein works to dispose of a variety of waste created by the body, such as the waste created by cell death. The protein has been found to be effective in the treatment of cerebral infarction as well as kidney disease, which many household cats suffer from in old age. Through regular administration, AIM is said to halt the progress of kidney disease, and by administering it from a young age, a cat's life span may double, allowing them to live up to the age of 30.