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Based on the idea that great content starts with a great workplace environment, Cygames places a strong emphasis on equipment and facilities. From studios outfitted with technology capable of making detailed 3DCG models to sound studios that can handle everything from voice recordings to livestreams, we are committed to creating work environments that foster efficiency and creativity. The following are just some of the enhancements we have implemented.


Motion Capture Studios

Our Tokyo and Osaka branches are both outfitted with motion capture studios capable of capturing the movements of people and objects and converting that data into 3D models. Their expansive stages allow for large numbers of actors and actions to be recorded at once, much to the benefit of our 3D artists.

Scanner Studios

Our studios are equipped with body scanners and face scanners capable of creating detailed 3D models from the scans. Our body scanners are some of the best in the country—with each containing 224 cameras and 22 strobes positioned in multiple focal points—allowing us to convert captured images into full-scale detailed 3D models. For facial data, Cygames utilizes a cutting-edge face scanner, which uses the LightCage system to extract high-definition textures and mesh data.

Sound Studios

In addition to voiceover and sound effects recording, Cygames' sound studios have a wide variety of uses, including radio and livestream programming, filming for commercial and promotional videos, and audio post-production for animations. The Osaka branch is also fitted with a new editing room and Foley studio, which allows for more efficient sound recordings.

In Office

At the Cygames offices, we've fitted the designated illustrators' area with indirect lighting to minimize screen glare. Staff are also provided with high-quality office chairs, multiple displays, and more to make it easier for them to concentrate on their work.

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