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Cygames' gaming journey began in September 2011 with the release of Rage of Bahamut. Since then, Cygames has released a variety of mobile games in a range of genres, including fantasy RPGs, digital card games, and simulation games.

The Drive to Bring You the Best

Rage of Bahamut, a game that could be called the beginning of Cygames, is notable for its beautiful card illustrations, variety of game modes, and a stacked voice cast performing fully voiced scenarios. As such, it received great praise both domestically and internationally.

This dedication to innovation and refusal to compromise in quality has continued throughout all Cygames releases and could be said to be part of the company's very DNA.

Beyond Mobile Games

For many Cygames mobile titles, the characters and stories aren't limited to just that one platform, instead being explored in a variety of mediums, from music to animation. For example, Umamusume: Pretty Derby has spawned an anime, comic, and even live concerts featuring the voice actors. Through these additional outlets, Cygames hopes to create titles that stick with you for years to come.

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